Astrological Skype Session



An Astrological Skype session can be used to seek guidance and gain insight about yourself and your personal strengths and challenges.


Using my knowledge of Astrology together with my intuitive and clairvoyant gifts, we will dive into your chart together. Your chart is your personal 'blueprint', the map of who you are in this lifetime.


We can look at everything from your personal strengths and abilities, your karmic 'projects' for this life, to how you can best support your children, or choose the next step on your path, whether in love, career, personally or spiritually. 


If you are at a place in your life where you feel you need guidance or support to move on, or you are frustrated by feeling that life is standing still, then you can use this session to gain clarity over where you are at at the moment, what themes are 'active' in your life, and how best to approach your specific issues. 


A session lasts about an hour and will be recorded, so that you can listen to it again later on. And during this hour we will be giving you and your questions full attention. Helping you to find solutions and support. 


As I am also a healer, you will be receiving healing during the session as well, on several levels related to all the issues that come up. Both through the mental aspect of talking and guiding but also enrergetically and subconsciously. I will be working with you on several levels simultaneously. Supporting you to let go, find answers, open up, find solutions or whatever it is that you need in the situation.



You can book a session by contacting me here


Price for a session is 1000,- Danish Crowns - for link to converter click here

Appr. 120 $, 107 Euros, 93 £




Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~