Saturn Rx healing course

 through the Akashic Records

7th of June - 27th of August 2017



Saturn is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, he has been since april 5th, and won’t go direct until august 25th 2017. This is why I am offering a healing course that includes 3 group healings and a personal pdf telling you where Saturn will affect you in your chart, what area of life he wants you to look at and work with.


With Saturn retrograding through Saturn one of the primary themes will be freedom, how we allow others to limit our personal freedom, how we limit our own freedom ourselves, through debilitating thoughts and the need to control our surroundings or stay in our safety zones. Saturn will push us to see whether we limit ourselves, whether we have the courage to push the boundaries of what we are capable of, and what we are willing to do to live up to our personal truths and beliefsystems. He will push those belief systems and encourage us to expand our horizons, see if perhaps our view of the world and our perception of 'truth' needs to be adjusted.


The symbol for 'retrograde' is Rx, it is a symbol that means prescription, like the one you get from a doctor. The retrograding planets always give us amazing opportunities for healing and insights. They go down into the underworld and they awaken our subconscious and make it easier for us to connect with the deeper layers of our inner worlds. This is why these periods are great for healings, they are great for retreats, for taking a break from the world to reflect and ponder and just be, quietly and peacefully. 


Saturn is Father Time, he is karma, he symbolizes authority, discipline, fear, control, patience, perseverance, life lessons and insights (often learned the hard way). He is the strickt teacher that expects us to do the work presented to us. He has no patience for distractions and excuses but pushes us to do our best and fulfill our potential. And when we do that, then we get to reap the rewards, if we don’t we can expect our path to lead us to disruptions, delays, limitations etc.


So knowing exactly where in our charts, in what area of our lives, he is ‘active’ and calling for attention, will help us get the most out of this retrograde cycle. There can be karma that needs to be cleared, either from or past lives, there can be fears, old belief systems or control issues that we need to look at, but once we know where to look, it becomes a lot easier to work with these energies and embrace the process and reap the rewards of the work we put in to it.


The healings will help clear any karma or old energy that might be stuck in your system, they will aid and assist you in gaining the insight needed to do what needs to be done, and the personal reading will give you pointers to where to look at your life.


Once we acknowledge the need to work with the lessons that Saturn presents us, we will be rewarded with realizing that we can do so much more than we ever thought we were capable of. Often he will push our boundaries, test us, provoke us, force us to push through the debilitating fear, only because he KNOWS our full potential, and he wants us to realize it in this lifetime. So he will push all our buttons, to force us to do more, to face our fears, to grow with the process that is life, and become wiser, stronger and more insightful versions of ourselves.


The dance can be a tough one, the process is exhausting at times, but the gift of realizing how much more we are, how much more we are capable of, than we thought, is an immense blessing <3


The dates for the group healings are:


Wednesday June 7th   7.30 pm London time.


Sunday July 16th  7.30 pm London time.


Sunday August 27th  7.30 pm London time.


Price: 450,- Danish crowns (appr. 68 $, 61 euros or 53 £)


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If you wish to join, then contact me and pay through the paypal button, and then join the Saturn group that you can find right here. I will write updates and info on the healings etc. in this group. 




Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~