Booking and Payment

If you wish to book a session, write me an e-mail either through the contact page, or at


When the session is confirmed, you can pay via creditcard or paypal via the paypal buttons below. Please make sure that payment has been made before the session begins. You simply choose the button next to the service you have booked.


dkr  650,-

Distant Healing appr. 30 - 45 minutes

appr. 97 $, 87 Euros, 75 £

Skype Session with Astrological guidance

dkr  1000,-

Buy 3 sessions in advance

appr. 256 $, 242 Euros, 206 £

dkr 1.800,-

Cutting Cords Session 45-60 minutes

Either distant or Skype

With Soul Retrieval if relevant

dkr  1000,-

Core Re-connection - 3 Sessions 

appr. 256 $, 242 Euros, 206 £

dkr 2.000,-

Sacred Love Blessing for Couples - 3 Sessions plus a reading from the Akashic Archives

Appr. 344 $, 308 Euros, 265 £

dkr 2.300,-

To find the prices in your own currency go to this webpage, always check the current rates:

The Danish currency is called 'Danish Krone'


Opening hours for Skype Sessions are:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8.30 pm Danish time.


For distant healing sessions or Core Re-connection:

10 am - 3 pm and also at selected evenings as 8 pm. 


To find these times in your own time zone see here:

My time zone is Denmark - Copenhagen


Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~