I work with many healing modalities, but the baseline would probably be Quantum Healing, I only do distant healing sessions, and they are every bit as effective as a healing session where you are physically present with the healer. The reason behind this is that time and place work differently in the energetic dimensions. So place is really irrelevant. I have clients all over the world, from Austria to Tobago and Ireland to South Africa, the States as well as northern Europe. 


In my sessions I use all my tools so it can be everything from Soul Retrievals, Body Code, Cutting Cords, Buddhist Healing chants, astrology etc. I am guided by my intuition, Spirit and the Ascended Masters, and every session is specifically set up to what it is that you need. It all works beautifully together so I rarely stick to just one healing modality.  


When you order a healing session with me, I will ask for your birth date, as that is necessary if there is any Body Code work needed. In your feedback I will describe what has been released and if any specific actions are needed after the healing.


Currently being updated!


Price for a Distant healing is 650,- dkr for a single session or 1800,- dkr. if you pay for three sessions in advance.


a single session 650,- dkr

appr. 97 $, 87 Euros, 75 £





3 Sessions 1800,- dkr. 

appr. 253 $, 242 Euros, 206 £





Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~  Lysetsenergi@gmail.com