I am inspired by many branches of healing, some of which are Dakini Healing, The Omahara/Melchizedek method, The teachings of Michelle Manders/Palace of Peace and Buddhism amonsgt many other wonderful tools.  I do not follow any doctrines, I go with the flow and let my intuition guide me in the specific healing session, and use the tools that fit with each session. No two healings are alike, and therefore I try not to be constricted by following a certain strict pattern for each healing, as that, for me, would limit the effect of the healing session.


Long-distance healing has no borders, there are no limits to the distance that the energies can travel, time and space only exist on the physical plane where we live our day to day lives. On the energetic levels there are no such boundaries, so healing across borders is no problem. 


Healing is an amzing tool, and can be used for many things, personally I have seen great results with sensitive children, stress, anxiety, grief, and even morning sickness!


I also use a technique to help you clear all negative karmic or emotional connections to specific issues or people, that your soul is ready to release, so that you are free to move forward, without having to drag those negative ties along with you on your path moving forward. 


But really the possibilities are endless, and deep down it is about you and what you feel. If you feel drawn to trying a healing session with me, then it is most likely because there is something I can help you with, this is such an intuitive universe, so follow your instinct, and you will receive the best results possible.


Recently I have been initiated in cutting ties. So if you have a situation or a person, where you have a hard time letting go, so that you can move on, either in this or past lives, then I can help you, via working with your higher self, in cutting these ties to the specific person or situation. That way you will find it a lot easier to move on, without dragging that energy behind you, allowing it to slow your progress down.


I also do Soul Retrievals, both from this life and past lives. 

A soul retrieval is a shamanic process, where you can retrieve a lost part of the soul. This happens to most people during their life. But especially if we experience traumatic insidents, as children or adults. A part of our soul goes into 'hiding', or gets stuck in the trauma, and can't let go. And this can manifest as feeling like a part of you is lost, or even as physical problems. During a soulretrieval, I go back and contact that part of you, to see if it is ready to be released, and come home. 

With soul parts from current lifetimes, they usually join your physical self, but with past life parts, it often happens that they need to go in retreat with source. Then the traumatic incident that caused the splitting of the soul, will be healed and released, but the soul part will not join you as yet. 

Be aware that after a soulretrieval, you will often feel vulnerable the first few days or even weeks after the session, you may feel that you need to get reaquainted with yourself. That there are new and unexplored sides of your personality, that begin showing themselves, new interests, talents etc. 




For me, Astrology is the perfect tool to work with in conjuntcion with a healing. It allows me to dive in to the core issues that are playing out in your life right now, and look at the deeper aspects of the themes that you wish to work on.


I am what you might call an intuitive astrologer, for me the natal chart, the horoscope, is my gateway, my way in. When I can combine the chart with a healing session, I can see the deeper layers to whatever issue needs healing.


The two complement each other perfectly, and allows me to use both my intuition and my logic in my work. 

Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~  Lysetsenergi@gmail.com