Get a fresh start every week with healing

Get a weekly balancing, cleansing and healing all month, for only 450 dkr.

(appr. 68 $ usd/61 euro/52 £ gbp)

At 3 am on the night leading to Monday morning Danish (Copenhagen) time, you will receive a healing that will work on assisting your body’s rejuvenation process, the healing will give the immune system a boost, and cleanse and strengthen vital organs.


The healing will also work on reducing stress impact and improving sleep patterns by rebalancing organs and glands related to the body’s natural sleep cycle.

The healing method I use, is one I have developed myself through years of experience as a healer. I call it regenerative healing, as it specifically works on aiding and boosting the body's natural regenerative healing proces.

I have offered these healings for over a year in Denmark with very positive results, and my foreign clients have been asking for an English version for a while now. So starting January 2020 this is now available.

This type of healing is especially beneficial for people who are dealing with stressful periods of life, or are suffering from burnout or exhaustion. But you can definetely also use this if you simply wish to receive an easy weekly healing, cleansing and balancing of your energy. 

To join you can pay the 450 dkr to my paypal account at, and then join the group for participants of the healings. Every week I will write a short feedback on the specific healing, to let you know where the focus for the healing was.

You can be asleep, at work or simply relaxing, depending on your time zone, when the healing takes place, it is designed to work on a very subtle level so as not to disturb you if you are working or sleeping. The healings work with the body’s natural cycles to boost, support and balance in as gentle a way as possible.

If you wish to join, send me an email on, or through the contact form on this website. Find it here 

Lots of love

Haydée Vestergaard

- The Healing Light

Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~