Cutting Cords


This technique was taught to me by ArchAngel Michael. And he assists me in the process when I do this. I am very honoured and grateful that he has decided to take me under his wings and guidance, I am learning more and faster than I would have ever dreamed possible. 


This process helps you release all negative attachments to a person or expirence that is holding you back from being the full version of who you can be. 


If you have a traumatic experience or a person from your past that is holding on to you. That you feel is holding you back, draining you or even hurting you by damaging your energy field or weakening your protection. Then this technique can go in and cut all cords related to that specific issue or person, from all dimensions and timelines. 


This will also include soul retrieval where nescessary. 


The session can be done over Skype or it can be done through distant healing, the choice is yours. The process takes about 45 minutes. 


This work is done through your higher self and your fully mastered and christ self of the light, and with the assistance of ArchAngel Michael you will be cut free from the negative attachments that you are ready to release.


Cutting Cords Session 45-60 minutes

Either distant or Skype

With Soul Retrieval if relevant

1000,- Dkr.


If you want to know more, or wish to book a session, then you can contact me through the contact form by clicking here.




Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~