Akasic Records



What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records is our soul archives. Everything we have ever done is registered in these archives, and in those archives our personal Akashic Masters are present. They can offer advice and healing and insights from a completely different level of energy, because they have the knowledge of the full scale of our history through time and of our full potential.


They are of a very high vibration of light, and it is relatively new that we have gained acces to these records again. They have been shut down for humanity (expect for a few people of a certain integrity and level of incarnated light, through history) since ancient times.

And now they are reopening to share their wisdom and healing with all of us.


I offer a few different scenarios of sessions, and for all them you have to formulate the questions you seek answers to. You can choose up to two different themes, and ask a few questions for each theme, I will then dive into your archives, and seek guidance from your masters, and convey their answers to you. 

Your choice of sessions are as follows:




1. A personal reading in writing including healing. 


Here we make an appointment for a session, and you will receive distant healing while I channel you answers from the Archives. Here you will receive healing on the themes that you seek help with, both from this and previous lifetimes. After the session you will receive the channeled messages on a pdf file in your email. 


A session lasts appr. 45 minutes, and you are to relax and have a glass of water by your side, while the healing is happening, I will activate the water at the end of the session, and then you can drink it. 


Price:  1000,- dkr.







2. A skype session where we dive into your archives and you can ask as we go along.


Here we chat 'face to face' on Skype, and dive into your archives together, you can ask your questions as we go along, and we can work on healing whatever comes up.

A skype session lasts appr. 45 minutes.


Price : 1000,- 








Lysets Energi v. Haydée Deenah Maria Vestergaard   ~  Lysetsenergi@gmail.com